BY this i mean artistes who have all it takes(vocals, punch lines, contents, sound, self packaging, etc) to excel on the national stage but still residing in the state (Bayelsa) level maybe because of Lack of big record deals, lack of good sponsor to push them to the national level, maybe some are still around because of school etc etc and they are as follows :


Ruthy jay is a female singer/rapper. She is a student of Niger delta university but has proven beyond all doubts that she thinks outside the box when ever she’s making music. She is not the all seasonal kind of artiste but the materials she has released so far is worthy of getting her a space on the national stage if a good record deal comes through for her. Google her songs like “Ride with me feat el vidal” and also “queening” by ruthy jay..


She practically calls her self queen of the south and by contents and self packaging she’s worth the title. Rhodash has worked so hard to prove herself as the finest and most active female dancehall singer in Bayelsa state. Everything about rhodash as an artiste, speaks for her as a national standard artiste. She might be residing in Bayelsa for now but her brand is of national standard.. Google “borne”, ” good loving” , “bank alert” by rhodash.

#8 MAS

Mas is like the new kid on the block right now. Rising to state level with his evergreen hit “money” mas has worked so hard to keep himself going and released an EP to his name. A review of the EP album would tell you that mas contents are out of the box and could have a place at the national stage if better chances comes through for him. Google “money”, “pressure”, “gbedu”, ” radio” by mas.


Yes adding black geez on this list might make certain people murnur but let me let you know that language is not a Barrier when it comes to music making. Good examples are phyno and olamide. They sing with their native dialect but their sounds and contents are of national doubt Black geez has proven himself as king of the ijaw indigenous rap and he has used the ijaw language to produce national sounds like no one else has can’t argue that with songs like “halleluyah” , “matter for town” etc black geez can perform very well to amaze people on the same stage with phyno or olamide.. Google “halleluyah” ,”matter for town”, “far gone feat yawng boss” by black geez..

#6 AD

AD aka the musical AD has made great effort to rob himself on the national stage by collaborating with “Terry g” and also “solid star” on two different songs with a video that was aired across Nigeria on top music video stations. With his effort , all could see that even though AD is residing in Bayelsa, by his notable works, he’s a national standard artiste. Google “your love featuring terry g”, ” young girl featuring solidstar” , “2mins man feat funny efizy” by AD


O’his unarguably is the finest young vocalist in town who have proven himself over times with some of his already released and promoted contents. O’his has created a niche for himself and he has been well accepted for it. His vocals and lyrical contents are of standard and he could stand on any stage , anywhere to amaze audiences. Google “inatimi”, ” everything “, by O’his.


Yawng boss by international comparism is like JAY Z and he has worked so hard to remain on top of his game as a true hip hop head in the state. He has a mixtape album to his name and all the tracks are of standard in all ways. He has the lyrical ability and punches to stand on the national stage anyday anywhere. Google “head shot”, ” zero to hero “, ” awele” by yawng boss


El vidal is a direct breed of the rapghord himself “Eminem” and so he proclaimed himself rapjesus and by his works, hes worth the title. El Vidal is also not the all seasonal song dropper but his rap skills, song content and sound makes any song he releases becomes an instant hit. El vidal is one rapper that practically steals shows from singers in any given show. El vidal has already rocked the national stage with top rappers in the game such as vector, yung6ix , etc and by all standard he’s a national standard artiste.. Google “a king is born”, “song for the city”, ” a million tears”, by el vidal.


Chiff timz best defines an artiste with a national standard dreams, desires and works. He always appears big, well packaged and ready like he’s outa to rock it with the established acts like burna boy, maleek berry , patoranking etc. Chiff timz as an artiste has made some songs and they are all out of the box. From the song contents to the lyrical power, to the rhythm, to the vocal delivery and the production itself, they all tell that chiff timz is off national standard and will easily break through with good contract deal, or big self sponsor. Google “caro”, ” jah love”, “soft touch” by chiff timz.


Alvin Blaq been on the NO1 spot is justifiable by all standards because as an artiste, Alvin blaq is the most conscious when it comes to self brand and making of national sounds. Though he resides in Bayelsa because of his academic, Alvin Blaq travels round the country to make good musics worthy of all standards. He works with the best producer in warri (id cleff), he works with the best in PH(Fritzi on d beat),that is one of kelly handsomes producer, he works with chimbalin(the guy who produced mandela for harrysong /other hits)He works with the best in yentown(chiff timz).
Alvin Blaq songs are mixed by one of the best in the country (barango duppy) , the person who mixed Mr 2kay entire album, has mixed for tekno, kcee and many other top shots in the country. With such an amazing profile as a young artiste, we dont need to be told that Alvin Blaq is an artiste worthy of national standard by musical sound, content, self brand, packaging etc.. Google “Amina”, ” feel free”, “haute”, by Alvin Blaq..

Worthy to mention are M2, AD, Lyon j, Harmonic..
Special shout out to all upcoming stars that are making good and standards sounds,the sky will be all your starting point.

PLEASE NOTE: this article is written based on the review attained from the present status of the artistes. Am not trying to say anyone people who didn’t make the list cant get to national standard.
Anything is possible with God. This is just a human review based on visible impressions..

But tell us what do you think.

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