INEC: Negligence in electoral duties?


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INEC and 2019 election Bayelsa, Yenagoa local government

The Independent Electorate Commission (Inec) office  in Yenagoa Local Government Area, prepares Bayelsans towards the forth coming elections as people gather at the office to register for their permanent voter’s cards (PVCs)

During the early hours of Thursday, several people were seen leaving the Independent Electorate Commision (Inec) office at Yenagoa Local government Area. This was due to lack of attention paid to individuals who intended processing registration of voters card, as a result of the already exceeded limitation set.

Permanent voter's card at Inec office yenagoa local area, Bayelsa State.
Go home and come tomorrow, we have gotten 100 persons for the day at Inec office yenagoa.

A  limit of 100 people per day has been set to register for voter’s cards at the Independent Electorate Commission(Inec) office at Yenagoa Local Government Area. It therefore, should not come as a shock  that Bayelsa state has the lowest number of registered voters, a total of 754,394 with a population of over 1,704,515 as recorded during  the 2006 census.

This poses certain underling questions. Is  Inec  negligent in carrying out its electoral duties? Or  are Bayelsans  nonchalant towards getting their Permanent voter’s card (PVCs)?

It would seem a total  waste of time, effort and resources and, discouragement to individuals who have been denied  attention  due to  the limited number of people attended to as they are told to go home and return the next day.  Would these people continue  making out time from their busy schedules  to go to the Independent Electorate Commission (Inec)   office in an attempt to get their permanent Voter’s cards with no positive response?

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